My Favorite TH8 War Bases

Okay so here are couples of my favorite th8 war bases that I have been using for months. Let’s take a look and I hope you can pick one from them!

The Alien Butcher Layout for Clan Wars


This is one of my favorite types of layout in Clan Wars. You can always change traps around and people never know where those traps and hidden Teslas are. It works perfectly against GoWiPe, GoWiWi, GoHogs and even Lava Hounds. You can use it anytime from early to late Town Hall 9!

The ZigZag World


Here is another version of the base above. I have used it in Clan Wars couples of times. I just moved traps, Storages for a new base. The Air Defenses and Clan Casle are completely centralized.

In next week, I will post my current base, which served me extremely well for weeks. All Air Traps are centralized and make the base more effective.  Also, with lots of compartments inside, GoWiPe just can’t do anything against the base.